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Reflected Light
Enrico Versari pieces are profound ascetic meditations, performed between the rising and waning of the sun, in an atemporal dimension of darkness and light. Bright bases veiled by pigment.


Like alchemical research which from black arrives, by degree, at illumination.

The themes, carved into the pigment with an awl, tell of order and chaos.

The research ingredients are contrasted by the virtual inconsistency of the contemporary, rediscovered in Renaissance workshops.

Soft pigment, the white gypsum of Bologna, sweet-smelling rabbit-skin glue; wood, red Armenian bole; impalpable shimmering gold leaf, salt rock alum, warm copper and bronze, gelid aluminium. Hard agate and sonorous ceramic.
Versari’s vanguard is that which does not change: good design, or the philosophical study on that which appears.
He uses archaeologies of abysses, which emerge as images. Reflected light.
My personal avant-garde is going back to design, after all the line is the basis of perception and an excellent instrument for philosophical enquiry regarding what appears. Eliminating the “veil of Maya” which obscures the view of design could reveal it per se! My work is in contrast to the virtual and frenetic din of contemporaneity; through it I return to a practical, empirical approach, expressed simply; softly. I depict the time of the hourglass, I speak of the contemplative stance, still and intent, which flows in meditation. I tell time through the sign which, like a thread which as it unravels builds up again, which disappears leaving a trace. What is left is the sign of the action, final visible residue and last act of the creative process which, looked at for an instant, tells its story in the immediacy of the present. The objects represented are simple pretexts to be represented, they “straddle” the East and West, intent and silent, they establish a relationship with the subject: “… the eyes opened: from the eyes came a look; from that look the sun was born”.
Enrico Versari was born in Faenza on 18th August 1975. After high school where he had his first artistic experiences he attended the International School of Design in Modena. He graduated with a project which won him first prize at the Cosmopak International Design Competition in 1996. He started studying Philosophy at the University of Florence in 1998, graduating in Aesthetics with the philosopher Sergio Givone. His thesis was on the connections between industrial design and avant-garde art. At the same time he started devoting himself methodically to the study of the history of art and drawing techniques and in 1999 he exhibited his works for the first time. At present he is a teacher of Theory of Perception at the ISIA University of design in Faenza and is working with several magazines and art galleries.

Principali eventi:

– “Il punto il circolo”, personale, Fondazione Tito Balestra Onlus, Longiano (FC) a cura di Flaminio e Massimo Balestra, 2019.

– “Metallo e pigmenti”, collettiva, Gaudio Group, Principato di Monaco, Teos TV SKY, a cura di Gianluca Gaudio.

-”Grand opening”, collettiva, Visionnaire, United States, Los Angeles West Hollywood, 2019.

Di Luce Riflessa, personale, Visionnaire, Wunderkammer, Milano p.zza Cavour, a cura di Marco Morandini, 2018.

– “Le città Invisibili”, collettiva,a cura di Paolo Rambelli e Gianni Zauli 2018 Chiesa di S. Giacomo Forlì.

– “Esercizi dello sguardo”, arte contemporanea in Romagna, collettiva, a cura di Franco Bertoni, Argenta, 2018.

-“Terra condivisa”, collettiva di ceramica contemporanea, a cura di Carlo Pizzichini, Siena 2016.

– Made in Britaly, galleria con la quale attualmente lavoro, Londra 2016.

– L’alchimia del segno, personale di pittura, Arte al Monte, Fondazione Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì. 2015.

– Barche di carta, pittura, 1462 Contemporary Art Gallery, Izmir, Turchia, 2015.

– “Tempera e collage” Personale, Galleria Paoli, Pietrasanta, 2015.

-” Arte dal vero. Aspetti della figurazione in Romagna dal 1900 a oggi, Fondazione Cassa di risparmio di Imola, collettiva, Imola, Museo di San Domenico, 2014-2015.

-”Tavole, oro e pigmenti dall’ultimo inverno”, Personale di pittura, Museo Carlo Zauli, Faenza 2014.

– Galleria Enrico Paoli, Personale di pittura, Pietrasanta, 2014.

– “Epifania del sacro”, artisti tra oriente e occidente, collettiva di ceramica contemporanea, Siena 2014

– “Settimane dell’arte”, galleria Spagnoli, personale di pittura, Palau, Sardegna, 2013

– “Ceramica d’uso”, abuso e riuso, collettiva di ceramica contemporanea, Siena, 2013

– “Settimane dell’arte”, galleria Spagnoli, personale di pittura, Santa Giusta, Sardegna, 2013

– “Gallerie der Stadt”, personale di pittura, Taun, Austria, 2013

– “Settimane dell’arte”, galleria Spagnoli, personale di pittura, La Thuile, 2013

– “Arcotel”, personale di pittura, Stoccarda, Germania, 2012

– “Arcotel”, personale di pittura, Vienna, Austria, 2012

– “Arcotel”, personale di pittura, Linz, Austria, 2012

– “54° Biennale di Venezia”, Padiglione Italia, “Lo stato dell’arte”, Sala Nervi, Torino 2012

– “La forma dell’invisibile”, Galleria comunale Molinella, personale di pittura, Faenza, 2011

– “Artitude Gallery”, grafiche, collettiva, Sliema (Malta), 2010

– “ACG”: The American College of Greece, Atene, (opera in collezione permanente), Grecia, 2009

– “Unconfined”, centro Melina Mercuri, Atene, collettiva, Grecia, 2009

– “Galleria Sala Forum”, personale di pittura, Faenza, 2008

– “Galleria L’Immagine”, collettiva di pittura, Cesena, 2007

– “Galleria KEN’S”, collettiva di pittura, Firenze, 2006

– “Ombre Di Vino”, personale di pittura, disegni, Città di Castello,2006

– “Vernice Art Fair”, collettiva di pittura, Studio La Matta, Forlì, 2006

– “Premio Maretti”, Museo di Arte moderna e contemporanea di stato; collettiva di pittura, San marino, 2005

– “Cosmopak”, Bologna; Concorso Internazionale di design, Primo premio, Bologna, 1995

Sul suo lavoro, tra gli altri hanno, scritto: Marco Bernini, Franco Bertoni, Claudia Casali, Santa Cortesi, Enzo Dall’Ara, Emanuele Gaudenzi, Emanuele Mariani, Anty Pansera, Emilio Quinto, Arturo Schwarz.




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